More Fun

Can’t decide what to do on your day off. Golfing, skating, surfing or snowboarding? With the revolutionary Golf Skate Caddy™ it's like doing all of the above at once.

Yes, playing golf can now be a more exhilarating and fulfilling experience. Not only can you incorporate elements of all of these activities into your one trip to the golf course, but you can have a relaxing fun day cruising the course, experiencing the views and inhaling the fresh air.

The game of golf should be about the experience and taking great shots. Trundling around in a golf cart can take away from that experience because of its limitations due its size and weight, and having to wait for the other person to take their shot – BORING!

Golf Skate Caddy™ riders use a side stance and shift their bodies weight left or right whilst holding onto the mono handle for stability. They accelerate and brake using the handheld trigger controller. When riding the Gold Skate Caddy™ the rider looks cool, balanced, athletic and in control. The caddy is decadently decked out with a golf bag front caddy, umbrella mounts, seat, chiller box, divot pourer, scorecard holder, golf ball and tee storage all as standard.

Andy Webb a pro golfer from Maryland in the US and currently living near Sydney, said, “It was really sturdy and easy to manoeuvre. It was great fun, easy to ride and really simple.”

And it’s not just a fun ride for the young skaters. “I’ve ridden the GSC at several Pro-Am tournaments, and the first question people ask is ‘You’re not going to ride that are you?’ followed three seconds later by, ‘Can I’ve a go?’", said Ossie Moore, the 55 year old host of The Golf Show.

The Golf Skate Caddy™ is the hoverboard of the golfing world and the future of golfing.